Betting Tips 101 – Easy Horse Racing Winners For a Quick Handicapping System

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If you want a quick and easy way to handicap a race there is a way to do it with this simple horse racing system. Let’s fact it, reading the racing form and handicapping the races can be a time consuming and boring job. You can put hours into comparing each horse in a race and after you handicap the race for an hour realize that you have gotten so confused that every horse in the race looks like the winner.

The first thing you have to realize is that every race is not playable. Some races are mystery races because no horse in the race has ever demonstrated that it can do what is being asked of it.

I am talking about the fact that in some races you will find that not a single horse in the race has won at the distance, surface, and class level that it is running at today. Every horse is being asked to do what it hasn’t done before. For the winnings at horserace betting, the selection of bonus code for William Hill is made. The winning chances at the bets are high when the use of appropriate skills and intelligence is done. The selection of horse for betting is made to win with skills. 

How do you know how well a horse will handle a race over a mile long when it has never raced more than six furlongs? How do you know how a horse will handle the turf when it has never raced on grass before. The answer is that you don’t know and if you don’t know that, how can you compare one horse to another. If you think that breeding is the answer, guess again.

Take a look at any turf race and then check the sire stats for turf in that race. You will often find horses whose sire had an 8% sire win rate on turf beating other horses whose sire had an impressive 16% rating.

So breeding won’t help to solve the riddle. My advice is skip the race. Here is how you will find some quick bets from the rest of the races that do have qualified winners…

First of all, look at the morning line odds. Find the top four horses in the morning line. Seventy Five percent of all winners come from the top four horses in the morning line.

Next, circle the three horses in the race with the highest speed figure in their last race. Once again, about 70-75% of winners come from that group. Finally, look for horses moving down in class because horses win much more often when they are moving down than when they are moving up. By now you probably have narrowed it down to just one or two horses. Take the one with the jockey with the highest win average and you will have many winners.

Will you make a huge profit with this little horse racing system? Probably not, but you will find some nice winners and it is a fast way to scan a racing form and pick horses that have the percentages on their side.