Can You Actually Beat The Wheel

Betting Casino Poker

In any gambling casino, there is always a house edge. You can never find a casino that gives player the edge of winning. Gambling is a game of chances and of course the chances are always tilted towards the casino. If the house does not have a good edge, casino would implement new rules and policies to ensure they would continue to have an edge over the players.

Casino will always make money. ‘The House Always Wins’ are often mentioned. They can’t lose. And if they are losing, it must be because we players are cheating… Funny huh…

While you can’t beat the casino, there is or may be a possibility of the beating the wheel. Now I say there is a POSSIBILITY or maybe this is a chase goose chase to find the one roulette system that would make you money constantly. While I believe there is no such thing as a perfect roulette system, I do believe that there is a possibility of giving oneself an edge to win on roulette.

At first glance, playing Russian roulette would seem rocket science for beginners where they might flounder in the initial stages but as the game progresses on, it would be like getting free horse racing tips where you are the horseman reining the horse towards the destination of success.

Before I continue let us look at the table below on an estimated house edge over everyone in a casino for different games:

Game House Edge Maximum Payoff Blackjack 0.5% 1.5 to 1 Craps 1x’s Odds 0.8% 2 to 1 Video Poker 0.5% to 5% 800 to 1 Baccarat 1.06% 1 to 1 Roulette 5.5% 35 to 1 Slot Machines 17% 5,000 to 1 Progressive Slots 17% 1,000,000’s to 1 Keno 25%+ 1,000’s to 1 State Lottery 50%+ 1,000,000’s to 1

As you can see, roulette is smack in the center with about 5.5% house edge which means that you will lose about 5.5% of your money every time you bet on roulette. The next best casino games are the slots and progressive slots where the house edge has on your is 17%.

Of course all this are statistical calculations, which might not mean much but it does say something. You would be better off playing blackjack, crap, video poker or even baccarat if you are thinking about making money from the casino.

But yet, roulette is one of the best playing casino games around….

Gone are the days where you get free money from casino and play blackjack, crap, video poker, baccarat as part of your wagering requirements. Because some smart mathematical genius calculate that if you did receive free money or casino bonus, your edge against the house improves.

Online casinos have gotten smarter with their free bonus. While some would allow blackjack as part of fulfilling your wagering requirements the casino will not make it easy for you to fulfill that wagering requirements.

Anyway, my point is that no matter where what system you apply, the house always will find a way to have an edge.

Do you still think you can beat the Roulette Wheel?

No, you can’t really beat the Roulette Wheel per say unless you cheat, but you can however improve your odds or edge by using a system or a strategy.

One very important strategy with every system you use is money management. If you don’t know when to stop, then you can forget about the system you are playing all together.

And this is one strategy not many system sellers actually relay to their customers. They are just system sellers, whether it makes money for you it’s your problem.