Gambling Online In Canada


Canada, not unlike the United States, has interesting and slightly confusing laws when it comes to online gambling. In both of these countries, it is not illegal for individuals to play real money casino games online; however, there may be some exceptions in certain states/provinces or local jurisdictions. But, it is illegal for a company or individual to accept bets online or operate an online casino, asianbookie sportsbook, or poker room within the borders of the country.

The main difference between Canada and the United States is that the U.S. federal government has created laws for banks and credit card companies to reject payments to gambling websites. Canadian citizens do not have to worry about how to fund their accounts as much, which is very similar to what Americans used to be able to do before 2006.

While casino websites are not able to operate within the country of Canada, there are still many websites that operate from the safe haven of the Kahnawake native reserve, which is located just outside of Montreal. This territory is technically outside of the Canadian authority and they have been allowed to operate these gambling websites for more than a decade.

The other provinces like Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia have Gaming Commissions that would like to branch into the online gaming realm soon. These provincial governments are going to want a piece of the action and eventually, you will see each of the gaming commissions start to adopt online casinos once laws and regulations are enacted.

The online casinos that operate outside of Canada will still allow Canadian players to sign up to their websites as well. Unlike the United States, these companies that operate out of Europe have not been forced out of the market. While the activity is technically illegal, the laws state that you can’t place bets at an illegal betting house inside of Canada. It is debatable that the online casinos constitute this because their servers are either located in Kahnawake or outside of the borders of the country.

The online sportsbooks in Canada often are a part of an all-in-one gambling website such as Bodog. You will be able to play casino, poker and on a single account. This is different than most of the gambling sites that cater to Americans where the different betting activities are separate and only one is usually offered at a single site.

Banking in Canada

While there are more banking options for online gaming websites in Canada than in the United States, you may still find it more difficult than in Europe to fund your player’s account at one of these sites. Some online casinos prefer that you fund your account using a wire transfer. There are several sites that do not accept Visa or other credit cards. Some of the other websites will tell you that you have to set up an account with a 3rd party transfer site.

Some of the other banking options will include Visa Gift cards and person-to-person money transfer stores. The Visa Gift cards are not credit cards, but gift cards which require you to purchase money to put on the card. Otherwise, they work exactly like a credit card with a unique number to enter. The person-to-person money transfers may be a little bit of a hassle because this requires you to leave your house and find a nearby store to complete the transaction.