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Blackjack Extreme is a mix of blackjack and poker in which players compete against each other more. For this reason, it can not be offered at c ufa or any other online casino. However, these blackjack poker variant replaced as gambling, which can now be played at home. It was developed by MADtek Entertainment. Extreme Blackjack is played according to ordinary blackjack rules, although there is an intermediate round of betting.

Extreme Blackjack is played at a poker table. Players take turns role of the dealer. This accepts wagers of all players and is therefore the risk, faced with a high bet amount to see. For this reason, the dealer has certain privileges. The first betting round takes place before the cards are dealt and each player has placed his blind. There is a similar table for poker blinds, where the minimum is increased with each level and the maximum is limited to three times the minimum.

Then the dealer deals the cards. Players receive two cards like in blackjack. A map is open and the other face down on the table. This allows other players to make an estimate of the remaining cards in the deck. Both the dealer’s cards are face down on the table. This now looks at his cards and then decides what he wants to uncover. This allows him to bluff and puts him in a position to show both apparent strength and apparent weakness. Then the second betting round takes place. The players are basically three options to choose from. In the first case they may increase. Here, the wager must be at least doubled, although a larger sum can be set. Those players who make use of this possibility must at least take another card. However, you can also record more than one card, if you this comes in handy. The second option is to push. Here, the player must place a sum equal to the blind. The third alternative is to fit. In this case, they give up their hand and keep half of the blinds. The dealer has the option either to fit and those players who have not gotten to pay half of the blinds, or to play his hand.

Game play in blackjack Extreme happens as follows: The first step is that the players reveal their hole cards. The payoff for a “Natural Blackjack” takes place in the ratio of 3: 2nd Then the players play their hands according to the standard blackjack rules. The exception to the ordinary blackjack is that those players who have increased, must include the two already dealt cards. The dealer will then receive all bets a player whose blade has a higher count than 21. As in standard Blackjack each pair can also be shared here. The player must match the total bet that was placed on the second hand go. The same applies to all other hands that arise as a result of re-splits. Join a split hand blackjack, so this is in the ratio of 1: 1 is paid. After all players have played their hands, the dealer reveals his hole card and plays his hand. The dealer may at any soft hand draw another card, but must stop at a Hard 17 or a larger sheet. If the dealer busts, it must pay the remaining players. Other sheet values ​​are compared, lost bets are collected by the dealer and the winners are paid. In the tied hands, there is a draw. The position of the dealer changes clockwise and start playing with the new dealer from scratch.