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Understand The Ways How Gamstop Affecting The Uk Gambling Scene

Gambling is great entertainment for people who enjoy earning money in a short amount of time. It is engaging and rewarding simultaneously, so it attracts so many people from across the world. However, safe gambling is equally important to become a good gambler. Gambling is a matter of luck and chance, but a lot has to do with how you play and what steps you take while playing. Some people are vigilant and play strategically, while others play recklessly and lose money. This is not a favorable situation for the gambler and their family. 

Gamestop is a very important aspect of the gambling industry in the UK. The UK gambling commission has now made it compulsory for the companies and gambling operators to register with Gamestop. This is a mandatory requirement that is done at the time of licensing and registration. There are still some sites not registered with gamstop, and they can get themselves registered immediately. 

This platform aims to keep a watch on the gambling activities and habits of the people. It has helped many people overcome bad gambling habits that can become a problem for their financial situation and personal lives. The statistics show that most gamblers gambler for fun and entertainment, while some can get swayed by the lucrative schemes and indulge in bad gambling habits. 

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is said to be an independent and self-exclusion scheme. This scheme is created so that it can act as a responsible gambling tool. It helps to keep gambling from being a problematic business. This tool is available le for all the UK players, and it can restrict the members’ activities. The registration process is simple and easy, and it will be complete in 24 hours. The players shall be effectively self-excluded from the gambling websites that are licensed in the UK. 

Play with gamestop

Gamestop registration has become a mandatory requirement when the websites apply for the license from the UK’s gambling commission. Yet you will come across sites not registered with gamstopThis toll emphasis safe gambling because the creators are were how easily the gamblers could get trapped into appealing offers. When this happens, the gambler can lose a lot of money and land in financial troubles, and their families could suffer as well. Gamestop is like a watchdog, and it would alert the gambler what gambling activities are safe and what is not.  

How to gamstop? 

After the self-exclusion time is over, you may find that it is not always easy to access a casino online. In this case, the players will have to contact gamestop and go through a process of requesting the removal. Gamestop is a voluntary scheme, and it is completely legal to use and is not punishable by the law. The players will not be allowed to play on any sites not registered with gamstop. Hence it will give you a safe experience.

Which Are The Best Casino Bonuses – Know them!!

With so many online casinos out there, often with a similar (or identical) collection of casino games, sometimes it’s hard to decide which one should be your chosen one. Age, reputation and the company behind the casino can give you a hint about what to expect inside, but sometimes there are also similar, making it harder to choose. So, it’s often the type of bonuses the casino offers has to have the final word about it. Bonuses themselves are different, though, each one with its own catches and benefits. Let’s see what bonuses online casinos offer their players, and which ones are the best.

No Deposit Bonuses

A “no deposit” bonus is basically free money, so what’s not to like? These bonuses are offered by online casinos to their new players, allowing them to explore the world of gambling without investing a cent – initially, at least. You can get the best casino bonuses in Canada here, with tons of no-deposit options available, and choose your preferred casino to play at, but make sure you read the fine print first – because no-deposit offers come with terms and conditions you need to keep in mind.

A no deposit bonus is basically bonus money, that you can use to play any game at the casino. If you lose it… well, better luck next time. If you win, though, you only get to keep a part of the amount you made – this amount differs from one casino to another. Besides, to cash out your winnings, you’ll need to make a real money deposit and often play through a specific amount. In order to know about no deposit bonuses, a registration should be made at site. The availability of the correct and real information is there for improving the bank balance. There is no need to deposit money at the platform to have an excellent experience. The specific information is provided to have more benefits at the platform. 

Deposit Matches

All casinos offer their first-time players an attractive bonus applied to their first (or first few) deposits. These initial bonuses are usually very attractive and promise massive amounts of play money to start your gambler career with. Still, you need to keep an eye on the conditions in which these are offered. Some casinos require you to play through the bonus amount a number of times, others need you to play through the “deposit + bonus”. Besides, not all games contribute the same amount toward the required total – you might find yourself playing blackjack for hours, and finish just a tiny amount of the requirement at the end of the day.

Free Spins

Free spins are usually attached either to a no deposit bonus, or a deposit match, and are limited to a specific slot machine. Still, these are a good way to boost your bankroll – if you are lucky, of course – but free spins usually also come with the same terms and conditions no-deposit bonuses have. But they are still the most fun bonuses a casino can offer.

Online Roulette Gambling Tricks

Blackjack Extreme is a mix of blackjack and poker in which players compete against each other more. For this reason, it can not be offered at c ufa or any other online casino. However, these blackjack poker variant replaced as gambling, which can now be played at home. It was developed by MADtek Entertainment. Extreme Blackjack is played according to ordinary blackjack rules, although there is an intermediate round of betting.

Extreme Blackjack is played at a poker table. Players take turns role of the dealer. This accepts wagers of all players and is therefore the risk, faced with a high bet amount to see. For this reason, the dealer has certain privileges. The first betting round takes place before the cards are dealt and each player has placed his blind. There is a similar table for poker blinds, where the minimum is increased with each level and the maximum is limited to three times the minimum.

Then the dealer deals the cards. Players receive two cards like in blackjack. A map is open and the other face down on the table. This allows other players to make an estimate of the remaining cards in the deck. Both the dealer’s cards are face down on the table. This now looks at his cards and then decides what he wants to uncover. This allows him to bluff and puts him in a position to show both apparent strength and apparent weakness. Then the second betting round takes place. The players are basically three options to choose from. In the first case they may increase. Here, the wager must be at least doubled, although a larger sum can be set. Those players who make use of this possibility must at least take another card. However, you can also record more than one card, if you this comes in handy. The second option is to push. Here, the player must place a sum equal to the blind. The third alternative is to fit. In this case, they give up their hand and keep half of the blinds. The dealer has the option either to fit and those players who have not gotten to pay half of the blinds, or to play his hand.

Game play in blackjack Extreme happens as follows: The first step is that the players reveal their hole cards. The payoff for a “Natural Blackjack” takes place in the ratio of 3: 2nd Then the players play their hands according to the standard blackjack rules. The exception to the ordinary blackjack is that those players who have increased, must include the two already dealt cards. The dealer will then receive all bets a player whose blade has a higher count than 21. As in standard Blackjack each pair can also be shared here. The player must match the total bet that was placed on the second hand go. The same applies to all other hands that arise as a result of re-splits. Join a split hand blackjack, so this is in the ratio of 1: 1 is paid. After all players have played their hands, the dealer reveals his hole card and plays his hand. The dealer may at any soft hand draw another card, but must stop at a Hard 17 or a larger sheet. If the dealer busts, it must pay the remaining players. Other sheet values ​​are compared, lost bets are collected by the dealer and the winners are paid. In the tied hands, there is a draw. The position of the dealer changes clockwise and start playing with the new dealer from scratch.

Pluses And Negatives of Multi-Hand Poker Game of Chance

Pluses And Negatives of Multi-Hand Poker Game of Chance Adrenalin, fear, anticipation, dissatisfaction, relaxation, and, in fact, glory are the imperative components of each entertaining house. It’s a well-known reality that multi-hand poker is tremendously enjoyed now throughout the world taking into consideration the engaging extras with substantial odds to get funds for the easy street which is why aspiring players should check out situs casino online in order to learn more about the game. When you’re a risky individual excited to invest private finances and make on-line choices casino is the finest place to realize sacred aspirations as well as unlock the potential. 

Oftentimes good feelings are actual for safe hands given that playing for true dollars requires constant calculations of feasible prospects. There’s the vicious verdict that cyber den is regarded as the quick money with the hardened outcome with a wealthy future. The key strategy of players’ actions is to reach the right judgment with all possible despatch having calculated gained cards with practical tactics. Having spent gained cash a person arranged to be involved in a chancy tournament where primarily all competitors have the equivalent odds for success along with for bankruptcy. In most cases, purely purposeful decisions are regarded as sufficient however occasionally improvised measures support to turn out to be the winner in around or even in the world cup.

In general, virtually all registrants could get countless extras after browsing the correct net site. Particular systems with storage tips are in favor of the present. In actual fact, the matter of specifying exclusive files is considerably specific but so as to evade possible dilemmas and litigation each participant is strongly suggested to stipulate only the genuine facts in provided fields.

Typically the newcomers are basically susceptible to typical failures thanks to insufficient practice and knowledge thus they are better to maximize earning prospects utilizing free multi-hand poker matches. To tell the truth demonstration promotions are relatively well-known because they are the perfect likelihood to gain necessary techniques and also to get the original deposit for taking part in genuine matches. Each eager individual could benefit from the harmful platforms however only coming to age. Undoubtedly, online poker has a variety of optimistic aspects so that ladies and males of different status can find certain feelings practicing various prestigious as well as zero cost tourneys.

Commonly the managers of entertaining halls offer their viewers to download poker tools just to improve the playing approaches also to enjoy favorite games at any suitable position. To be safe it’s elemental to deal merely with recommended facilities with a fine record and positive reviews.

Day after day video poker gained much popularity and individuals utilize slots machines to waste spare time and try particular luck. Unambiguously it demands a couple of minutes to play poker yet the sensations gained within the period can be overwhelming. By all odds poker strategy is elementary in certain sessions considering the combinations and fortune. Nearly all card addicts strive to formulate special apps intended to estimate the odds and present the versions of advantageous usage of poker chips.

Beginner Mistakes: Don’t Be The Dummy At The Table

In case you started playing online blackjack, you probably realized that it’s not all that easy as it looked in the beginning. Playing for fun is one thing, but once some real money is in, you should get yourself informed as much as you can on various tips and tricks and professional online blackjack players strategies if you plan on winning. Most inexperienced players tend to make the same mistakes, and instead of learning it the hard way, you can easily avoid these beginner traps and improve your game by holding on to these useful tips we’ve provided for you.

Giving up isn’t always easy to do because it’s often considered as a cowardly act, and in a game where testosterone sparkles are all over the place, men sometimes blindly stick to their hand instead of just surrendering. There is nothing wrong with realizing your chances of winning are slim, and no matter how carefully you were planning or how good your strategy was, there is always the effect of luck that you cannot control. A smart online blackjack player knows when to stop and doesn’t stubbornly rush in when there is no need for it.

Another popular mistake is the complete opposite of the first one we’ve mentioned. Sometimes new players get too cautious and surrender too many hands. If you don’t take any risks, you won’t ever win any serious money or any money at all. No gambler got rich playing on the safe side, and high stakes are one of the most interesting parts of the game. Still, there are some cases when you should surrender. If the dealer’s got 10 and you have a 15, or when you have a 16 facing a dealer’s 9, 10, or ace. In all the other cases, it’s up to you to decide whether to hit or stand.

Inexperienced online blackjack players often follow the dealers’ logic thinking they would beat them in the end, hitting every 16 and standing on all 17s. What they keep forgetting that in blackjack it’s not important to get as close to 21 as possible, but to beat the dealer. By following them, you’re only risking to get your hand busted. In most cases, it’s smarter to stay with the low total and wait for the dealer’s hand to bust.

Not focusing on the long term

If you plan on winning any serious kind of money by playing online blackjack, you should look at it in long term views, and not focus on a single game but in your overall play. Never over bet on single games and choose to bet small but smart and accumulate your winnings over time.

This happens to almost every beginner online blackjack player once they’ve hit a losing streak. Afraid of losing big money, they start doubling or tripling their bets, losing even more money. If you’ve to have a bad streak, it’s smart to take a break and relax, because playing under stress will only make things worse for you.


When you opt. for Judi Online make sure you choose a website that is safe and trusted enough due to rising internet frauds online. there are present verification websites that help players identify the safe websites and the sites that are risky. 

Online Blackjack Odds- Understand the basic for playing the blackjack games

Card games are the most popular games played in casinos and online casinos; and blackjack is one of them. Blackjack is a simple game to play and at the same time is really exciting and fun. The basic rule of the game is that the player must hit 21 points or as close to 21 as possible before the house does in order to win.

If by chance you go over 21 points, well you’re a looser for sure. But that’s ok, because you might have better luck in the next game. But what if it’s not all about luck? Have you ever wondered what your odds are when you’re playing blackjack? What should you’re expectations be when you play this game? This is exactly what we tried to find out. In order to understand better the odds in gambling and/or online gambling, here is a simple example of odds in case of roulette.

The odds in case of roulette, the odds against you to be specific, are standard for each bet you place on the board; and the house edge is 5,26 %, meaning that the casino wins 5,26 % more bets than they lose. Are you confused with our example, well don’t be, it’s just math, simple math and it applies in any gambling game. Casinos have evaluated house edge in different ways, in an attempt to confuse the players. And if you are a real gambler you must have heard terms like: house edge, return percentage, the vig ( vigorish) or the hold.

They mean almost the same thing. The house edge. I know what you will say, what is this? House edge is actually a theoretical number, and it is calculated by the computer in given circumstances, not based on a real world experience. It is good for players to know the house edge, you will understand how and most important why blackjack has a clear advantage for players. Let’s take things simpler. Let’s say you are ready for a game of blackjack. You choose a table that plays with… 6 decks of cards for example. You must know that in 6 decks of cards, you will have exactly 96 cards of ten. There are 312 cards in the game. Let’s say that there are other 4 players in the game with you.

The dealer gives the cards. Let’s go on, and say, hypothetical of course, that all players received rather small cards and a deuce up for the dealer. Every player takes next a small card again. Your turn comes up. The first hand was an 8 and a 4 and your second one is an 8 and a 3. Until now you must know that 17 cards have been dealt, but the tens have not appeared yet. The question is how is the best way to play your hands? You have two options: you can stick to the basic strategy, meaning you will hit with your 12 hand, after that double with the other hand, the 11.

Or you can save the eventual 10 for the 11 hand and stand on the 12 hand. You must know that at this point a 10 card can come up any minute. And what are exactly the chances? It’s simple, do the math. When the cards that have been shuffled were put in the shoe, exactly 30 % of them were 10 cards. So the chances of hitting a 10 at the next card are 30 %. But after the first 17 cards were dealt, things stand a little different. Now your chances of hitting a ten grow from 30 % to 32 %. I hope you are starting to understand the odds in blackjack. And you must know by now that it’s not such a complicated thing to calculate your odds. Now let’s get back to our little demonstration.

You’ve seen your odds before and after the first round of cards. By this time you are really sure that the next card might be a ten, and if it’s not, you’re wondering what are the chances of dealing 18 cards, and no ten appeared yet. What are the odds of that? Exactly 942 to 1 against, before dealing the first card. This is how you should think about your odds in blackjack. Do not be hasty and take your decisions carefully during the game.

Observe the cards, don’t just assume that the next card is certainly the one that you need to make a 21 or a good combination. Play your hands wisely. For the understanding of the basics, a visit can be made at site. The availability of the information is true and correct for the gamblers. The information will result in the increase in the profits of the players in form of real cash. The playing of the games is with the strong hands of the gamblers.

Things to know about Casino Titan

Casino Titan is a reputable and trusted casino that is operated by Imperial E-Club Limited. They are fully licensed by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles and have been in business since April 2009. Casino Titan uses Real Time Gaming software and can be trusted to provide fair gaming practices to their players. Their casino software is periodically examined by 3rd party auditors to make sure that the payout results are 100% random. Knowing this fact alone can make players breathe a little easier and feel that they can trust. If you are still unsure about anything, then you can try Situs Judi QQ and learn more about all this and get a clearer image of casino auditing. 

Casino Titan will guarantee any prize payouts. Players will notice that the homepage at Casino Titan is up to date and contains sophisticated and elegant layouts. The whole kit and kaboodle can be found at Casino Titan and inside you’ll find more than 120 games that include Slot machines, Progressive Jackpots, Blackjack, Video Poker, and Local Jackpots. Casino Titan pays fast and offers a no-hassle attitude towards their customers. They also carry with them a good reputation among the online casino community and a lucrative VIP club that players will find most interesting. Casino Titan accepts the U.S and Canadian players, as well as most international customers.

Casino Titan will color players happy and put a smile on their face that’s not likely to come off! They have one of the most deep-rooted welcome bonuses that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. With your first purchase, Casino Titan will hand you back a large 200% match bonus of up to $400 free money. They will even add bonus money to your 2nd and 3rd deposits. After that, players can expect to receive yet another reload bonus of $100 each month for a total period of 20 months.

How cool is that?! All of the combined welcome bonuses pay a total of around $3,000 of free play money. Casino Titan also gives players the chance to be a part of their loyalty club program and collect comp points from wagering amounts. Comp point ratio is $1 to every $10 that players wager and the exchange rate for casino cashback is $1 for every 200 comp points. Two ways to use your comp points is the way that Casino Titan likes to give back to its customers in addition to all their great bonuses. Their goal is to keep you as a long time player by providing incentives such as fast customer payouts and by exceeding standards in customer service.

Deposits at Casino Titan are easy and the options are endless. Deposit methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, eWalletExpress, ECO Card, JCB, MoneyGram International, MoneyBookers, Diners Club Card, Western Money Order, Click2Pay, and Neteller. With most methods, a minimum deposit of $21 is required.

International and Western Money Order both require a $100 deposit minimum. Maximum deposits are capped at $1000. To make things more streamlined, all player accounts are processed using US dollars. Most deposit methods are instant, but international customers using MoneyGram International might have a slightly longer wait.

Withdrawals can be made by Check, MoneyBookers, Neteller, ECO Card, and UseMyWallet. The processing time for withdrawals can vary depending on what withdrawal method is chosen and the VIP ranking level of each player. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100

Titan Slot tournaments will tickle your fancy with games like Loose Caboose, Texas Tycoon, and Crystal Waters. All players must download the free casino software in order to play in any one tournament. The slot tournaments allow players to play slot machines against each other. It’s a non-stop action for avid casino players because it can truly be anyone’s game. Be sure to check out the slots tournament lobby at Casino Titan after downloading the RTG software.

Players of Casino Titan won’t be able to tear themselves away from eye-catching graphics and sounds effects during gameplay. Customers find that playing games using RTG software is a delight and also provides them with stable connections during high profile gaming events. Table games include classic American craps, American and European Roulette and two of the more exotic games such as Keno and Sic Bo. If card gaming floats your boat, why not try some Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and 21 games. Plentiful slot games can be found such as Diamond Mine Deluxe, Prince of Sherwood, and Realm of Riches, just to name a few.

Progressive jackpot games are a highlight for Casino Titan and feature a multitude of choices. Last but not least, we round out the pot with games like Video Poker. It doesn’t matter how many hands you like to play with, Casino Titan can oblige their players with everything from one-handed games to 50 handed games. Live chat support is also available to players anytime they may have questions.

Poker Secrets: How Effectivity Can be Your Best Strategy

Poker Secrets: How Effectivity Can be Your Best Strategy

Whenever you feel like the road towards gaming fortune is getting further from your reach, it’s time to sit back and rethink what other things you can do or apply that can best enhance your effectivity on the game.

Now, how will you do that? Do you need to get a lot of gambling tools in order to bring that effectivity in with your moves? The secrets of an effective strategy are available at site. The collecting of the information is required to be true for the attraction of the players. The moves at poker table ia made when the gamblers have complete information on how to take the advantage. 

Actually, no. You don’t need to get all the tools. Although these things may help you immensely, all you need to remember is how wiling you are to take on the challenge of increasing your effectivity.

To do this, you have to learn to stick to what you think may help you like for example, sticking to initial gaming guidelines that may involve scheduling your practice times, understanding what needs to be implemented first, and knowing when not to make a certain move.

These three things can guide you towards making yourself better on the gaming grounds.

Let’s take them one by one.

Scheduling your practice times. Effectivity comes easily when you have polished your gaming craft through continuous practice. In practicing, it also pays to understand that overdoing this may lead to stress, exhaustion, or the possibility of losing interest on what you have set yourself to do.

Understanding what needs to be implemented. If you don’t have a plan to follow with regards to what moves you would be using, you may find it hard to play the game. Moving on with your game without making a plan may only prove to be a losing move for you. You won’t feel confident to use your strategies, and you may miss the moves that your opponent would make.

Knowing when not to make a certain move. This is in line with the second thing to think about and consider. However, we have separated this into a third factor to give it more meaning.

You see, this is a common error by many players, especially those who are still beginning to learn the rules and manner of playing the game.

In considering a particular move that you would like to make, you also need to think about its strength when it is applied on the gaming grounds. Will it be able to take your opponents by surprise? Or, will it only show that you are having a shaky hand that would more or less become a losing hand if your opponent can take that advantage from you?

Poker secrets can be taken deeper if you’re looking for effectivity, and these three things mentioned above will guide you in learning more about its certain intricacies – provided that you take note of them, and understand their value with your gaming strategies.

Tips and Strategies to Employ in Online Gambling

With the advent of internet and its increasing popularity, a lot of things have gotten easier. With internet finding its place in almost every home that owns a computer, there are numerous online alternatives now. In fact, some of the alternatives are proving to be of higher quality than what one would find in the real world. A great example of this is the online gambling scenario.

Numerous online casinos are sprawling up giving those who want to enjoy gambling a chance to have some fun right in the comfort of their house with friends and family. Here are some of the strategies that one can employ to ensure that online gambling doesn’t turn out as a nightmare for them.

Never play with real money before getting a real look in

This is one of the most important things that those going for online gambling should keep in mind. Almost every online casino offers a demo platform where those who are gambling enthusiasts can practice their strategies and try to understand their favorite games better. There are a lot of rules and regulations, nuances, tips and strategies that need to be employed in every online casino game.

Even the slot machines have their fair share of strategies such as how many coins to play, how many lines to play to maximize winnings etc. So, it is always a good idea to get yourself acquainted with the game on the demo before you go for the real bets. For the engagement of the players at Poker QQ site, different bonuses and rewards are introduced. The selection of the table at the site is regarded as the good decision of the players. The amount is credited in the bank account of the gamblers in real money to engage their interest.

Seek out some help

One of the biggest benefits of online gambling compared to brick and mortar casinos is the fact that you can always pull out a friend of yours or a family member to help you make decisions and calls. You should always try to use this whenever possible because when it comes to gambling 2 is always better than 1. This way you will not only make less strategic mistakes, you will also have someone to stop you from making the risky bets. In other words you straightaway enhance the probability of making winnings.

Sign up on online casinos that give joining bonus

There are a large number of online casinos and each one tries to attract people to enroll on their site by providing incentives. There are many review sites which provide information about the best online casinos, provide ratings and also inform you about which online casino offers joining bonus and how much. Online bonus is generally used as an incentive and adds up to the player’s account based on certain conditions. Nevertheless it is always a better prospect than joining online casinos which need a high initial deposit before starting the first bet.

Make sure you know about the payout options

When you enroll for online casinos you are making yourself vulnerable to gambling scams. Therefore when you are playing with real money you should be careful about the site and make sure you are investing on a site which has a good history. Unless you know someone trustworthy who has been successful in getting money from an online gambling site it is not a good idea at all to put your money.

Therefore it is a good idea to ask about the payout options. Knowing how and when you will be paid will give you a greater confidence level with the online casino site. If the site has been recommended by someone reliable you are more secure and confident of getting your winnings.

Don’t play when you are in depression or drunk

It is true that a large number of players in brick and mortar casinos drink while playing. This enriches the whole gambling experience. It is not a bad idea when done within limits. However, if you are totally drunk it’s a good idea to stay away from the online casinos. Similarly if you are in a bad, desperate or angry mood, it is not a very good idea to go for online gambling either. Not only will your performance be affected, you stand a great chance of losing your money and regretting later. When you are enjoying gambling in an online casino, it is better if you are in your complete senses to see whom you are trusting with your money and your confidential information.

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers – How are they useful?

THE WIZARD OF OZ RUBY SLIPPERS is an online video slot developed by WMS Gaming which is currently exclusive to play only at Jackpot Party Casino. This is an online casino that only accepts players based in the UK and now also players from Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Iceland, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

This is another one of WMS Gaming’s action packed slots that should keep you entertained for hours with its numerous special features. To explain this slot in great detail would probably end up confusing you and taking forever, but we will do our best here. The theme is based on the classic movie of the same name. There are 5 reels and 30 winning paylines and this game is actually the sequel to the original Wizard of Oz slot.

The symbols on the reels consist of Egg Timers, Lollipops, Baskets, Apples, Witches and Toto the dog. Other symbols include the Princess, as well as a group picture of the main four characters, the Wizard of Oz Logo and there are also several Jackpot symbols. The WILD symbols are the and they will substitute all of the symbols except for the Jackpot symbols. 우리카지 provides wild symbols at the slot games for the benefit of the players. The selection of the right game is made to win more real cash for the bank account. There is an increase in the bank account with withdrawal and depositing process. The features are impressive for the players. 

Each of the six characters also represents their own individual feature and depending on where they appear will determine the type of feature that is activated. These symbols include Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Lion, and Professor Marvel (who also plays the Wizard of Oz and the Gatekeeper).

The features that these symbols can trigger include the CRYSTAL BALL feature, the EMERALD CITY feature or the FIND THE BROOM feature, plus there is also a RESPIN feature and a RUBY SLIPPERS™ feature.

The respin feature is triggered when 1, 2 or 3 of the feature triggering symbols appear on reels 1 to 4 (staring from the left) along with a feature triggering symbol on reel 5 (furthest to the right). The triggering symbols are then held in place while the remaining reels will respin once. A bonus feature will then be activated after that respin if at least two of the triggering symbols appear in view across reels 1-4 again.

Like most other WMS slots, this one has a wide betting range to suit most budgets. There is also a GAMBLE feature that will become available after each line win during regular play where you can increase your winnings even further (or lose what you have just won).

This game is connected to the unique Jackpot Party PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT network, which can be won by any player at any time. If you enjoyed the first instalment, you should also enjoy this fantastic new release.

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers is a great new slot that has numerous entertaining ways of being able to win cash. Plenty of thought has been put into the development of this slot, which is definitely recommended. You don’t just have to be a fan of the movie to play on this innovative new game.


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