The History Of Blackjack

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Blackjack is known as a game with the highest winning number totalling to 21. Almost anyone know what this game is with the most already practicing their learned Blackjack playing skill at home with their friends and at casinos. However, as clear as how the card game is played, its history becomes unclear on the other hand. In fact, many researchers have been eluded of where the game really originated. Thus, up until now, the origin of Blackjack is still one being debated by others.

There are others who say that it came from France, which is what everyone concerned in getting the facts about the card game believe. There were other several versions made as where it truly originated. But, generally, as what other have stated, Blackjack originated in France, which started out during the 1970s. Back then, it was called as Vingt-et-un which means 21. It was believed that it was derived from the game in France called as French Ferme and Chemin de Fer. These games were trending those days.

The Origin of Blackjack

Although it was greatly agreed that Blackjack originated in France, it cannot be denied that there are also records where playing cards has already been practiced like in China, Egypt and India during the early 900AD. Back then, it may have been used as other forms of currency, social entertainment and mystical power and soon became markers for games especially in imitating battle maneuvers.

As was said, there were several versions of where Blackjack truly originated. Some of those versions include it came from India in which it was a derived from chess. There were others too that the card game was started by the Chinese, one that was derived in paper money with some saying it was derived from the ancient game dominoes.

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Then, going directly for what everyone mostly agreed it originated from, it was said to start in France. After 1970s, specifically during 1800s, the card game Blackjack eventually reached North America and playing the card game was presented ever since.

During its early popularity, the 53 card deck being used in England was called as the French Pack. Later on, it was adopted by US and other places. Then, the name Blackjack was born.

The History of Blackjack: From a Simple Game to Becoming a Gambling Game

It was said the earliest gambling games started in China during 2300 B.C. It was during the same time when gambling also started getting popular in areas like Ancient Greece. That was the case even though it was already pronounced as illegal that time. Since then, gambling became instilled with human’s experience, which is the case up until now. Along with that, gradual acceptance of such games took place and instantly became a natural result of varied human pastimes.

Came 1850’s up to 1910, gambling became legal in the western part of United States. It stayed legal until the state of Nevada made operating any gambling game a felony. Then, in 1931, the same state, Nevada, legalized gambling in casinos. It was then when Blackjack also became one of the main game of chance that gamblers took advantage of.

During the early days gambling in the western part, it was craps and pokers that were preferred by those Twenty-One and high rollers. As a move of making the games more enticing, some of the clubs started offering a ten-to-one payout to any of the players who had a special hand on their first 2 cards like ace of spades and a black jack or jack of spades of jack of clubs. It was the reason why Twenty-One soon became the Blackjack game, which was due those cards.

Today, a payout of 3 to 2 or 150% is already a standard in most of casinos even no matter what face card came with the ace. Then, later on, gambling in casino was legalized in New Jersey specifically in the Atlantic City. When 1989 came, only 2 states had been legalized for casino gambling. Even if that was the case, it was still enough for plenty of casinos to sprout and sprinkle these states with several casinos.

At present, apart from United States, there are other countries where casinos are operated including England, France, Canada, Monaco or Monte Carlo, South and Central America and several islands in Caribbean. In these locations, players who are interested in playing the card game can find several Blackjack tables where they can join and play.

Considering the given information, it can be concluded that this particular card game was not simply conceived by any single person at a specific period of time. The game, in fact, evolved for the past centuries from the time it started as being a card game to what it is now. Up until now, it is still evolving and growing. Now, apart from being played at home and at casinos, it can already be played online.