Yes, Can I Get a 99 Cent Parlay? How? Read to know


When betting on sports, there is one option that is not familiar to many beginners. The parlay bet can be complicated and highly unsuccessful when not used correctly. When a player makes a parlay bet, he or she is betting on more than one game under the same ticket in hopes to make the most of their money. It is a situational bet, in which everything you pick must win or your wager is a loss. The more games you pick on your ticket, the better odds you get on your money. This option can be quite intriguing, especially when you can pick six or seven games and get almost 20 times your original wager back, depending on your picks. There are ways to use this effectively and successfully.

The most important thing to remember is that you are gambling, and there is no 100% guarantee in any wager. This means if you really just wanna go all out and pick the huge parlay, then gamble your money away all you want. There are way more educated ways to spend your money however. Each week, there are going to be at least two games you are almost certain are going to go one way. I usually pick two and stay at two everyweek on NFL Sunday. For picking two teams, you typically get anywhere from 2.5 to 4/1. So if you are very sure of two teams then put your typical bet down on it. Don’t ever go overboard on a wager for a parlay, because too many variables can influence any game in any sport. The star player may have a season ending injury and you are left with an almost sure loss. If you wanna get a little more edgy with your picks, then go with the two you are positive about, and throw in an extra that you feel comfortable with. With a 3 team parlay you will get much better odds on your money. A three team wager does highly decrease your chance of winning, but it adds 33% more variables that can easily cost you a loss! Anything over a three team wager is absolutly gambling, and it gives the house an almost 90% chance to take your money (if you are good at picking that is).

Now when you do just absolutely feel like you have to go for it big on a parlay, I advise sticking to a wager you can definitely afford with no question whatsoever. If you do bankroll management in your sportsbetting, I would say use anywhere from .5% to 2% of your bankroll on a parlay over 3 teams. If your bankroll wouldn’t allow for this percentage, then just go buy a cheap lottery ticket. At least your money will be going to the education of the children in your state. If you just totally insist on breaking all of these rules, then just go ahead and go with your gut. If you win, I wanna challenge you to try it everyweek and keep up with your statistics. When you are at these numbers in a parlay, its all about luck. You gotta get lucky to pick five games in one wager. A lot of people are tricked by their own good fortune. They may pick seven straight wagers and get six of them right. Then they will think a six team parlay would seem reasonable. This is not the case at all. There are just too many things that can go wrong! Although the prize does look awfully nice if you were to get a six team bet, the likelyhood of all six going your way is literally about 1 in 50, guesstimate.

The parlay is a very fun wager because 토토사이트 has some of its basic gaming concepts which they implement on their online portal for better gameplay, but it is misused way too often in the favor of the house. Keep yourself focused on making good decisions when you are placing your bets and you will do fine. It is important to remember this is all in fun, but profitting is everyone’s ultimate goal. It’s just no fun to lose all your money, especially when you don’t even really give yourself a chance. Good luck on the picks. If you do win a big parlay do not forget it was achieved with a lot of luck and to not get silly with your winnings. This is key to keeping success.