Does This Method Of Playing Blackjack Show A Profit


I was a card counter and worked in Atlantic City and Foxwoods. I can’t say I was real successful at it because I’m just not that patient. I could make money, but man sitting there for hours waiting for the right moment and then only seeking out a small profit margin over the casino at 메이저놀이터, just didn’t work for me. I started looking for other ways to make money at blackjack and worked on it for many hours. I never had a blackjack simulator, I’m not even sure this could be tested with one, but if it could that would be interesting. I’d like to know if anyone else works this way. It is based on mini-streaks.

There are two low cards for every face card in the deck, for instance, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are the low cards and 10,J,Q,K are the face cards. Because of their power Aces must be considered separately (in my opinion). There are 12 cards for every ace in the deck; all the low cards and all the face cards. It is kind of hard to keep track of how many aces have gone by as opposed to how many cards have been played overall, if you are using this method. When I was seriously counting cards I knew how many aces went by, but it is a lot of work. So when I started “casual counting” I only guessed at the ace count, but kept track of the lows and highs by simply scanning the table and pairing low cards and then canceling them with a high card. I went from hand to hand and paired low cards then looked for a high card to cancel the pair out. If the person sitting beside me had 7-3-10 it canceled out. If the next person had 2-3-4-J then it was “light” one. But if the next person had Q-K then that canceled the light one out and became heavy one. I did this right around the table and got quite fast at it.

I waited for an advantage to present itself after two hands. That is, if there was an abundance of low cards on the table compared to the number of high cards for two consecutive hands I figured the time was right to increase my bet and refered to the deck as “heavy” meaning there was a higher ratio of high cards to low cards than usual. I’d usually increase my bet by 50% to 100% over what I had been betting. So if I had been playing for table minimums of $25 per hand, I’d increase it to $40-$50 when the deck was heavy. Sometimes I would lose the hand but the deck would remain heavy because a higher ratio of low cards had come out on that hand. Then I would increase my bet again, this time to $75. I had some profitable sessions doing this and was ahead at it, but I realize it was unscientific and merely anecdotal. When the deck became “light” having a higher ratio of low cards to high cards than normal, I’d decrease my bets and stick to the minimum bet allowed sometimes even sitting out a hand.

One of the reasons I did it was because it got so nasty in Atlantic City when they realized you were counting cards. They’d start putting the cut card really low in the shoe and even tried some other nasty things to get rid of me. I got tired of the fight and decided to try this method so I wouldn’t be so easy to spot as a counter.

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