My First Video Game – The Green House from Nintendo Game & Watch Series


This is my absolutely favorite topic. Video Games! I have been a constant at playing video games such as Poker Online Terpercaya and many more such games. 

I can’t stress enough how much I love to play video games. It’s like craving for ice cream on a sunny day. I do not mean that I am addicted to video games. But, I would love to play a game whenever I get time. I love it as much as I love to read, and that is what I like to do the most. Video games come second pretty close.

Let me tell you about the first ever Video Game that I had. My Mom’s brother (my Uncle) got it for me. I am not so sure of the details, but I think it was sometime in 1985. I was about eight years old at that time. I don’t even know where he had got it from. I must remember to ask him when we talk next time.

I loved the game so much, but couldn’t recollect the name. And since I had lost it a long time back, there was no way to find out anything. Recently I decided to search the internet to see if I could find any details about that old video game of mine. With the vast library about anything under the sun in the internet now, I was hoping I would find something.

Since I didn’t know the name, I had to put in search options like “green video game box with spiders and worms” etc. It was a surprise I even found what I needed. Yippee! Now, for the real surprise part – I found that the game I had had was the Green House game in Nintendo Game  amp; Watch Series.

I was speechless to see that I had a Nintendo game so many years ago. (I currently have a Nintendo DS.) I think I should mention that I was in a small town in the southern India at that time and to have a Nintendo Game was the rarest thing that could happen. I must be one among a handful of people who had such things.

I found out that the Green House game was released on December 16, 1982. It was a part of the Nintendo Game  amp; Watch Series. They had many other games in this series too like Donkey Kong. But I am sure mine was the best. I am prejudiced, of course!

The main thing I liked in my video game was the way the box opened to show two screens. And both were playable. The game was also really fun. All we had to do was protect the flowers which were present on each corner of the screen with only a can of bug spray. Worms attacked the flowers on the top screen and spiders climbed down webs to the flowers on the bottom screen. We had only three lives. That means, if we failed to protect tjhree flowers, we lose. It was not a very difficult game, but at that time it seemed hard. We had to run up and down the steps to save the flowers. When the level increased, so did the speed of the spiders and worms. Thankfully the spray can use was unlimited.

I remember spending many weekend or holiday afternoons doing pest-control. It sure was fun. I can say that it was the game which got me hooked on video games. My sister used to share the game with me. But I used to get angry with her if she didn’t take good care of it. After many years of playing, it stopped working. We tried to repair it, but it was of no use. I was very sad when I couldn’t play it any more.

In the later years, I had other video games like Bricks etc. But none of them ever came close to my first love. About 10-12 years back, I started playing Mario game in the computer. That was the only game I ever liked after the Green House. After I got married, my husband used to travel to China, Singapore, and Malaysia etc. Wherever he went, I always asked him to search for handheld games like the Green House. But since I didn’t remember the name, I was not able to tell him properly what I was looking for.

About five years back, when we came to USA for the first time, I found the Nintendo DS. It triggered my memory of my old video game. But still I had no idea that what I had earlier had also been a Nintendo product. I believe that fate has come full circle to reunite us. Now I and my Nintendo are inseparable. But I still miss my Green House game though!