Regnum: Join the War Within! Check this out


The world of massive mulitplayer online role playing games is getting bigger and bigger each day. There are more games entering into the market and more games in the beta phase to come out to the gamers. Many have some of the same qualities while others are different and more unique. Some try to be the same as others, but look the same. Many of the mmorpgs that are out there have the same classes a character can be, Regnum is one of them. The characters can be archers, mages, or warriors which is the basic class for all role playing games especially the ones that are free like Regnum. Right now Regnum only has two servers, Horus which is English and Ra which is in Spanish. You can choose whichever one you would want to be on and then the character creation begins.

You must choose which realm you would like to be a part of: Alsius, Ignis, or Syrtis. My character belongs to the Syrtis realm. Some of the different races you can be are humans of course, half elves, dwarves, dark elves, alturian, wood elf, and a few others. With each race comes different abilities to be different classes for example the wood elf can be an archer or a mage while the Alturian can be all three: archer, warrior or mage. You create the way your character’s face and hair looks, as well as picking the name for your character. A good advice for names is do not pick a name that is common in literature, anime or movies. It gets annoying to see different spellings of Inuyasha running around or even Beowulf. Pick something unique and different like Felrona for a woman or Velkyn for a man. Your character is different and unique you want their name to be the same. You also add points to the different characteristics of your character like it’s strength, dexterity, intelligence and more.

When you first enter in the world you have a small tip box that helps you figure out how to attack, chat, trade and other actions you would do. This way you don’t have to guess or ask the other players what to do. Sometimes that annoys the other players who have been playing awhile to have someone new constantly asking how to do something instead of learning the game the way they did. Unlike many free to play mmorpgs movement is easy. All you need to do is use the arrow buttons to move instead of pointing and clicking. This way you have an easier flow of movement, but at the same time it is hard to make your character go exactly where you want them to go. Sometimes it takes a little while to register the movements you want, so if you keep pressing the arrow button your character could go way off course. At one point mine died because she ended up in a river and lost oxygen because it took a while to register the movements.

Attacking monsters is also easy; all you need to do is click on what you want to attack, and then when the cursor changes to a sword you click again. Then your character will start to attack, and the good things about this game is that your character will continuously attack instead of attacking once and then you have keep clicking. Your fingers won’t start hurting just from trying to attack something. The character also automatically loots the corse so you don’t have to take time to search through the body and take things. The things you get off of the body you can either keep or sell at one of the merchants for extra money. When you need to regain health, you need to sit down, or you can buy special health potions, but I actually like sitting down and letting it regenerate itself that way I can save some gold and take a look at my surroundings. As the character levels higher and starts getting into more dangerous quests and with groups it would be better to have the health potions.

One of the key components to a mmorpg is to have a quest for the character whether it be a class quest or a general one term of situs judi casino online terpercaya is that a user can only withdrawal the winning amount only from the provided payment gateways of the website. Regnum is no different there are many different quests that the character can do to get a feel for the game. They help you learn to fight and talk to characters as well as learning how to gauge attacking a mob. When you click on something to attack, underneath it’s health bar is a gauge on whether or not it would be an possible attack. Some would say impossible meaning you will lose, normal meaning same level as you or easy and very easy meaning it won’t take much for you to be triumphant. Some of the quests just have you running from one non-player character to another which could be annoying, but it does get you experience and some gold after completion.

There are so many different free to play games out there. Some of them don’t have the quality of graphics that Regnum has. If you are looking for a good game that has great graphics and game play then Regnum might be the game for you. I say check it out and see what you think of it for yourself. You will most likely enjoy it.